Mar 2013 -

AZ Hunters Guide is a simple site with links and blog style posts about survival, cooking, hunting and other topics to help the average person get back to their roots.


Nov 2012 -  is up and running, Salfae is short for send a letter from an email.  The service was designed to allow for a physical mailing address to be mapped to an email address.  Enabling you to send email to salfae, they then print it and mail it for you. Taking all the trouble and headache of dealing with mailing it your self.


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"One off apps was able to translate what we were looking for conceptually into a solid database application with a web-enabled front end.  They even helped us create the website to market our new tool.  We'd recommend them for both back end and front end development."

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Aug 2013 -

An advanced Lead tracking site contact us for beta info.

Mar 2013 -

A blog style post of survival, hunting, cooking and other related items.

Nov 2012 - is live.  A simple application that allows you to send a letter from an email.  This site offers the ability to map a physical address to an email address.  So you can send an email and have it delivered as a letter.