One Off Applications

Owner: Chris Hansen
3882 W. 8010 S.
West Jordan UT, 84088

In 1998 I enrolled at the University of Advancing Computer Technology, where I earned my Associate degree in Web Development. At UACT,  I learned a lot about websites and web based applications.

I built my first website for a construction company called SRC Homes. While their website has gone through several major changes over the years, I took a lot of knowledge from that experience.

I then enrolled at the University of Phoenix, where I earned my Bachelors degree in Information Technology. While at UOP, I was able to take several classes focusing on  databases and other programming classes.  I was also able to write my first game.  Written in C, it was simple, but effective and it was an early accomplishment for me.  I really enjoyed building and testing the game.

Since then my projects have become bigger and more complex. I got a job at a local ISP and from the beginning,  I started rebuilding the ticket and support systems into a web based application. Automating tasks became my focus, making anything I could easier and faster.

It was there that I met Bill Madden and Jared Canova.  Jared now has his own company called Mosaic Team they are located in Arizona.  Both Bill and Jared's team get pulled in to work on contract for me on projects that require staff augmentation.

After the ISP, I went to work on the SDK support desk for a large CRM company where I learned about Oracle, MSSQL,, and many other databases and programming languages.  At this time, I was able to continue building personal and contract websites; including a trucking load post and pickup site.

During my time on the SDK desk, I met Adam Stefl. Adam also has his own company called s4 Applications. He and his team are there to help augment staff on the .net applications.

After that, I moved from Phoenix to Utah and went to work for a local IT company, where I met Paul Anderson who does the more advanced Perl and Server configuration, including all node based clustering systems.

With all of the wonderful experiences and people I have met and worked with, we are confident we will be capable of creating a website or custom application that will fulfill your specific needs.  

Having the ability to share staff and other resources between the Mosaic team and s4 Applications, open22 and Paul's advanced server team. Means that on projects where time is more important then money We can have as many as 10 to 20 guys available at any time.