The Advoyant Project

Like many of our featured projects Advoyant brought to the table it's own set of challenges. A living database that would keep track of any data tied to any person each of the records would have to have the ability to dynamically update for each of the new values. Each row would contain the typical data first name last name etc..

database design

The twist to this database is that we need to store an unknown number of unknown fields. For example on some of the rows Ice Cream flavor as a value while on another it would be shoe size. This presents a challenge for the typically relational databases.  Where in the columns of data have to be set its not a very good practice to just arbitrary add fields to a table.

The website uploads the files to be imported and then hands it off to our server side perl scripts that do all the parsing and testing.

The reports are generated and the user is given the ability to download the enriched dataset to be used for the marketing endeavors.