Cymsuite is a custom partner management solution, which was built for Cymphonix to be used as their internal customer management solution (CRM).

In an "out of the box" CRM solution you have accounts that own customers, and customers that own opportunities.


Due to Cymphonix's business model, the standard CRM model did not fit their unique needs. The primary reason was that they sold to both partners and accounts.  Out of their necessity, Cymsuite was born.

Cymsuite has a four tier design: teams own partners, partners own partner contacts, partner contacts own accounts, accounts own account contacts, and account contacts own the opportunity.

Cymphnix frequently sold a composer to partners, who then shipped it to an account where it was installed by the customer. Anyone in this chain could call for support and Cymphonix had to know all the necessary information.

Cymsuite also provides a dashboard for leads, sales, revenue etc.. Using a custom program (also created by us) we sync Quickbooks invoices into Cymsuite to give an accurate and detailed reading on current revenue and returns. (see under software Cymsync for more information.)

Cymsuite also has a custom leads and management sections where xls or csv files can be directly uploaded into the database as a campaign, allowing the sales team and the marketing team to work leads in the campaign fashion.

The Cymphonix Network Composer also has an annual support and maintanance (AMS) agreement that is sold with the unit. Each ASM must be tracked so that Cymphonix knows when to expire the system and when to notify the customer to sell them a new ASM. Using the sync from Quickbooks and the data from the updates server for the composers we are able to create a section in CymSuite that shows all the needed ASM related data including when each system has called home for updates.