Currently all hosting is done with the provider of your choice. We recommend XMission they are a local company and have treated us well. We also do a lot of business with GoDaddy.

Our in house servers are for development and while we can host low traffic sites very easily once the site matures and is driving enough traffic we will need to move it to a more permanent solution.

We do not charge for any hosting while the site or application is being developed, however once the site or application is "signed off on" you need to provide us a place to host it or a place to co-locate the server.

If you do not know how to do this we will arrange everything for you. Then pass all the information that you may need to know on to you. 

On rare occasions we can arrange hosting on our development servers provided the site is a low usage site, however once it's mature it will need to be moved to a more permanent solution.