The MobyQ Project

The MobyQ project came with it's own challenges; it is designed as a check register with an electronic twist. MobyQ connects to the major cell phone carriers SMS (short message service) system, enabling the users to update balances from their cell phones.

In the beginning, we did a lot of testing with different services and SMS companies, but in the end we settled with wireless cell phone based modems. 

Text Messages

Recently, major banks are allowing checking account access via cell phones. MobyQ, however, is not attached to a bank and updates to your account are immediate.  Simply enter your beginning balance and submit your transactions -- no wondering if that $53.42 for gas has cleared your checking account! 

The website has full user authentication as well as SSL encryption. Since MobyQ is a monthly service, we integrated and Paypal to accept recurring payments. With the use of Paypal and, we do not store any credit card information and with our current website encryption, MobyQ is secure.

Another great feature of MobyQ is the ability to notify more then one phone if a transaction is made. For example, if I buy milk on the way home from work, my wife will be sent a text letting her know our current balance and where I made a purchase. This feature is optional and can be turned on and off as needed on the website.

Also, MobyQ is able to create a list of transactions, which is available on the website; it is capable of being sorted by date or by phone number.

MobyQ is still in beta and can be found at . It will be gong live soon!