The MobyQ project is unique in many ways but most notiable is the implementation of wireless modems. The website actually sends are receives text messages from your cell phone. Using some custom perl software that we wrote, the modems send and receive messages directly into and out of a database and are then sent to the webserver for processing. Once the webserver is done it sends back the response to the user.

We build the system so that it can scale quickly we can add several hundred modems very quickly and easly if the load gets to be to high.

MobyQ Text

The webserver also has Perl programs that send and receive the messages from the modem server. This allows the webserver to be hosted in a different location then the modems.  Due to the fact that most hosting locations are shielded from cell phone traffic this was a requirement that we had to implement.

Both the webserver and the modem server will only talk to each other, this is based on ip address and is easily modifiable.