It is not uncommon for One Off Applications to require its own server. In many cases we have to build a custom server just to handle the specific load.

Depending on the type of application and if it's internal only or external, building the server to match the project specs can make or brake the functionality of the overall application.


Many database's heavy applications need redundant hard drives in case of a failed disk. Where high volume web sites may require very fast disks where redundant drives may not be necessary. Some applications that need to do a lot of number calculations may need faster processors or more memory to do the job properly. In all cases where we recommend that you purchase your own server for the program we can build the server for you. Or even if it's for some other application, we want you to succeed.


Cloud Servers

Here at OneOff we've used a number of virtual server setups and other environments including: Amazon cloud, LiNode, RackSpace, and others.  This is to provide the best and most optimal solutions for you and your business.