One Off Applications' primary focus is building and deploying custom applications.

Every company can benefit from a custom application. Many of them know this but lack the knowledge or ability to build one or to put one in place.

Each application needs to be designed then broken down into small sections so that we can properly estimate the time needed to build the application.

When we evaluate a job we often need to interview everyone that will be using the software to get a clear understanding of what is actually needed. We have found that many daily tasks are taken care of without any management knowledge of any kind. Frequently, these little tasks can be done by a simple software program saving several hours of time every day. This time adds up very quickly. For example:

One employee spends an hour every day writing a report that is to be turned in on Fridays. This easily adds up to over one work day every two week pay period spent on a task that can be easily automated.

We're not going to try to force you into paying for a custom program that you're not going to use. We want you to succeed. The bigger and more efficient your company gets the higher the possibility that you will want or need our services in the future. It is in our best interest for you to be successful.

We also offer evaluation services. This is not an "efficiency evaluation", it is simply to see if you can benefit from a software solution that you may not be aware of. There are typically four answers to an evaluation:

  1. "You have what you need. Please keep in touch in case things change."
  2. "We feel that your company could benefit from X application, we can install it for you or you can buy it from Y company for about $Z."
  3. "We feel that you're in need of a custom application to handle this process. We'll write up a free estimate."
  4. "We feel that you can benefit from a combination of both custom and out- of-the-box software and we can do the integration between the programs."


We are in business to make you successful and by doing so we will become successful.