One Off Applications
Website Development

The primary focus of One Off Applications is website development. While we take our other projects very seriously, website development is what we consider to be our forte.

Our platform of choice is L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

Custom Applications

Here at OneOff, we have our own development servers this means you as the customer can see the progress taking place as we develop the website.

We decided to name our company One Off Applications, because of our specialty in creating custom or "one off" applications often starting from the ground up to optimize the speed and function of the application.

While template sites have their advantages, we feel that a cookie cutter approach is not in the best interest of your users and visitors. A website should reflect your company, your style, and your look and feel. In many cases it is very difficult and often costs as much or more to customize then to just build what you want from the start.

With the internet so readily available, companies are turning more and more to web based applications using the power of the internet to expand their user and customer base. Having access to your company's custom web based applications from anywhere in the world has a unique advantage.

Many companies with unique business models need custom applications that will be used by their sales team for tracking deals or products or by their support team for tracking issues and resolutions. Occasionally, a business model is needed that is so custom that we quite literally invent the application to cover their needs.

Custom business models with custom applications is why we are here.

If you can dream it we can build it.


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